Defending, promoting, helping, managing and advising mutual societies Defending, promoting, helping, managing and advising mutual societies

The Federation's primary objective is to help the Catalan mutual societies to progress by promoting and consolidating them as a competitive and efficient provident insurance option and as an organisational model that complements the productive economy and the public systems of social protection.

  • Promoting and championing mutual societies and voluntary social security provision before society and the government.
  • Fostering relations and co-operation among mutual societies.
  • Collaborating with public and private-sector organisations.
  • Providing technical and administrative help to enhance the smooth running and viability of the Federation's member associations.
  • Upholding and preserving mutual society members' rights in accordance with the applicable legislation.
  • Processing statistical and accounting data.
  • Carrying out studies, publishing articles, issuing promotional material and spreading information on voluntary social security provision.
  • Setting up conciliation and arbitration systems.
  • Making agreements and contracts with public and private sector organisations for the benefit of the mutual societies belonging to the Federation and their members.


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